Paying off a loan with Faster-Lend, how does that work then you wonder, is it then automatically debited from my account or do I have to fill in the payment screen just like buying something online? This article explains which forms of loans you can pay with Faster-Lend and how you do it. But what are the benefits of paying online and why is it not easier to transfer via the bank? For example, there are a number of questions that arise when the lender proposes to do this by Faster-Lend. An assessment at


Where can you borrow money with Faster-Lend

Where can you borrow money with Fast Lend

At the time of writing, this option exists at a number of providers for borrowing a ‘small’ amount up to and including 1000 euros, these are the so-called mini loans where you can borrow an amount quickly and without bkr review. There are no difficult contracts and no personal contact is required. This way you can quickly provide some extra cash, please note that you have to repay the borrowed amount within a maximum of 45 days, but a mini-loan for 30 days is also possible, so only do this if you are sure that you can do it too. repay.


Why with Faster-Lend


If you are going to apply for a traditional loan , you will have to pay it off by bank transfer. However, it has been found that a lot of people find this a difficult extra step, have to retype the entire iban number, then the name, address and so on. Because this is a bit cumbersome, many people postpone this and do not meet the obligation to repay on time, the consequence of this is that all kinds of annoying letters arrive and you may even have to deal with a collection agency, of course there is no one on that to wait. With Faster-Lend you pay off your debt quickly in a few simple steps in a familiar banking environment, little effort but a good feeling.


Pay off loan with Faster-Lend

Pay off loan with Fast Lend

What is that much-discussed Faster-Lend, perhaps a somewhat stupid question because almost everyone in the Netherlands knows this and makes frequent use of it. But there are still people who are not familiar with the system and still want to use it.

With Faster-Lend you can make a payment through any Dutch bank, you use your own familiar and well-protected banking environment so that you know exactly what to do, of course you must have internet banking. You then make the payment you want to make and the amount is immediately withdrawn from your account and immediately transferred to the account of the recipient. In this way, the recipient can immediately see that you have paid, in contrast to a bank transfer that is usually not credited to the recipient until the following day.


But can I no longer pay otherwise

Fortunately for those who really do not want to pay with the Faster-Lend system, or perhaps no internet banking, there is still the possibility to do it by regular online transfer or a transfer by mail. The Faster-Lend system is only a supplement to the already known payment methods and not a replacement thereof.